First rides on the BionX

by BionX Electric Motor on June 21, 2010

My friend Steve wanted to go out on his skates tonight, and I loaded my Specialized bikeĀ  with the freshly installed BionX motor kit onto my Lexus and we drove to the Farmington Canal Trail in Hamden.

BionX powered bike on car rack

BionX powered bike on car rack

Tonight he took off at about 14 miles per hour, and I set the BionX control console to Level 2 and started pedaling behind him, setting up a nice cadence, perhaps 60 revolutions per minute. After about a mile, I was warmed up and he started to settle into a rhythm, and I pulled up alongside him so that we could talk as we rode. The miles flew by so quickly, it was amazing. Soon we were only a mile from the end of the trail, then we stopped for a minute, turned around and started back. Half-way through the ride is where my out of shape condition becomes apparent, and without help from the BionX system, I would be struggling to try to stay on pace to the end of the ride.

…This weekend is supposed to be very hot. People will be moving slowly on the trail, and many of them will be stopping to rest. It should be a good opportunity to talk to people about the bike and hand out fliers to those who show an interest in electric bikes.

I think there are a lot of people out there who are dealing with health issues, or trying to stay fit despite working at a sedentary job, or who are recovering from an injury similar to mine. Others are tired of being stuck in traffic every time they want to go to work, or the supermarket or some other nearby destination.

The BionX bike motor allows people who are not serious cyclists to pedal 5 or 10 miles to run errands that they would otherwise have to depend on their cars for. And once they’ve purchased the electric bike kit, they can travel and recharge for pennies.

In short, I think there is a tremendous demand for the BionX electric bike kit once people learn what it is and what it can do.

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