Beat the heat with the BionX electric bike kit

by BionX Electric Motor on July 8, 2010

With this present early July heat wave beginning to feel more like the dog days of summer, you may be tempted to put off your outdoor exercise and park yourself inside your house in front of the air conditioner. But don’t! There is a better way to stay cool – beat the heat on an electric bike.

Everyone knows that when you cycle outdoors, your movement through the air on your bike helps keep you cool. In fact, Volkswagen was one of the first automobile manufacturers to take advantage of this effect with their world-famous Beetle and its little rear-mounted air-cooled engine. An air-cooled engine is just that: it uses the flow of air around it to provide necessary cooling to the block and internal parts.

BionX bike kit

BionX bike kit

Of course, you need to pedal your bike to supply the energy needed to move yourself along and to do this, you need to overcome both rolling resistance and air resistance. And that can make you hot. You feel much warmer pedaling uphill because you need to supply more energy to move uphill against gravity, and also, when you are moving slower, less air is moving past you to cool you off.

All of this changes when you install a BionX kit on your bike. The BionX electric drive motor contains a calibrated sensor which detects the amount of effort you are expending as you pedal your bike, and responds by matching that effort with assistance from the Bionx hub motor, which is mounted inside the rear wheel.

The Bionx system features four levels of assistance, which supplement your pedal effort as described below.
Level 1 supplies an additional 35% power to what your legs are providing
Level 2 supplies an additional 75%
Level 3 supplies an additional 150%
Level 4 can supply up to an additional whopping 300%, depending upon which BionX electric drive kit you have installed.

* Note: above specifications apply to BionX PL-350 kit. For BionX PL-250 kit, assistance levels are 25%/50%/100%/200%.

So with a BionX electric drive conversion kit installed on your bike, you can go sailing up steep hills with no more effort than if you were pedaling on level ground! You simply pedal your bike as you normally would, and the powerful BionX Lithium Ion Battery supplies the extra power to keep you moving and keep you cool!

Of course, having a BionX electric kit installed on your bike does a lot more than keep you cool. With a maximum battery distance ranging between 40 – 50 miles, a BionX kit can take you anyplace you want to go. It can also allow you to use your bike to make some of the trips you are using your car to make today, making the world more green and keeping you more fit. And speaking of green, using two wheels instead of four saves money on fuel, insurance, and repairs.

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