A BionX Bike For David, Lucky!

by BionX Electric Motor on July 30, 2010

That's one beautiful BionX bike.

David with his new Bottecchia BionX Bike.

How about that BionX bike motor? I don’t think I’ve seen a cooler BionX bike kit installation than the one we just did on this beautiful Bottecchia road bike. It was just before it got really hot out when David and his father John rolled their classic racer through our door. The bike itself actually has quite a history in the family. John bought from a bike shop on 14th street back in the 80s and used to ride it all the time. Now it is being passed on and revamped for David’s departure into the college world, a pretty sweet graduation present if you ask me.

The idea of converting their Bottecchia into a BionX bike was to make the bike an alternative to owning a car while David attends RPI. I didn’t get to talk to him too much but I think the smile on his face as he left told the whole story. This is one BionX bike that will be ridden every day and enjoyed thoroughly. I can just imagine him riding to and from class everyday, taking the long way around to enjoy the morning air, and getting to class energized by the fun of riding to school but not so tired he falls asleep during his afternoon classes. If only I had this bike in college!

In terms of BionX conversions there was never a more fitting match. Behind the fast road bike geometry and flashy green of this Bottecchia road bike is a rich history of speed. Ottavio Bottecchia was the first Italian to win the Tour D’ France worked with famous Italian frame builder Teodoro Carnielli to produce high quality racing bikes. So you see this bike was built for speed, and now it’s going to have plenty. I wish I had done the installed the system myself so I could have test ridden it. Oh well, maybe David will let us know how his BionX bike works out (wink wink).

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