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by BionX Electric Motor on August 4, 2010

One of the most fun aspects of working at NYCeWheels is seeing all of the different types of bikes people use for an electric bike conversion kit. Since we do electric bike conversions here in our shop, we’ve been able to convert things like recumbents, tandem bikes, military bikes, and various folding bikes into an electric-powered machine. The most versatile electric kit we have is the BionX electric motor kit, which can be fitted to virtually any bicycle. It’s pretty customizable as well, which allows installation into virtually any bicycle.

If we don’t do the conversion here in our shop, we almost never hear from our remote customers. Sometimes, we’ll get a few pictures and a small write-up from someone who has done a really cool looking electric bike conversion. This is awesome for us, since we can see some electric bikes that we would have otherwise not known about. It also helps prospective customers check out some cool conversions that might help them decide if an electric bike conversion kit is right for them.

Here are some of our favorite electric bike kit reviews:

BionX Electric Kit on a Scorpion Recumbent Trike

BionX Electric Kit on a Scorpion Recumbent Trike

Brendan's BionX Recumbent Trike

When Brendan installed a BionX electric conversion kit on his recumbent trike, he ended up with a killer electric vehicle that was both comfortable, as well as easy to ride.

Check out the sweet pictures in his review.

Tadpole recumbents and bionX electric bike kits are the perfect marriage.

BionX Electric Conversion on a Felt 68 Hotwheels

BionX electric motor kit on a Felt 68

John's Felt 68 BionX electric bike

John’s Felt 68 Hotwheels bike was converted using a BionX electric motor kit, and now rides one of the coolest looking electric bikes we’ve ever seen! This beefy ride will definitely intimidate any timid riders nearby.

It’s fast, powerful, and scary looking. He even spray-painted the battery black for good measure.

BionX Electric Kit on a Longbike

BionX Electric Kit on a Recumbent Longbike

Gary's Longbike with a BionX electric conversion kit

Gary has a long bicycle. In fact, that is an understatement. This thing is like a bobsled on wheels. Using a BionX conversion kit, Gary made this recumbent long-bike an electric-powered commuter.

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