The Top Five Reasons why I Commute by Electric Bike

by Guest on October 15, 2010

My wife Maggie commutes in this Mustang; I commute year-round on this beautiful BionX electric bike. It’s a 2008 Devinci Copenhagen, retrofitted with a BionX kit – a really sweet electric bike. Some of my friends envy Maggie’s ride, and think my choice is crazy. But let me tell you the top five reasons why my choice to commute by electric bike is actually the better, smarter choice (and let’s hope Maggie never reads this!).

1. My electric bike is faster than Maggie’s Mustang!

Take the BionX or Mustang?I bet you’re thinking the Mustang has gotta be faster, right? Well, remember the title of this post – “Why I Commute by Electric Bike.” I’m talking faster to get home on, not faster to ride around a race track.

You should see me on my BionX electric bike when I’m commuting home from work! I use dedicated bike lanes on major roads. At rush hour, the cars are sitting bumper to bumper, totally gridlocked – and I’m flying past them. I especially like it if I happen to see Maggie, so I can give her a cheery wave as I zoom right by her. By the time she gets home, I’ve already got her drink poured – she needs it after spending an hour in gridlocked traffic!

2. On my electric bike, I cycle like Lance!

One of the coolest things about electric bike commuting is that hardly anyone knows I’ve got this electric advantage. Sure, experienced cyclists can spot the clues. But your average teeth-gritting, grid-locked, bored-out-of-his-mind motorist, sitting helplessly in his car as I pedal almost effortlessly past him at 20 miles an hour, just thinks he’s been left in the dust by one of the fittest people on the planet.

3. I’ve lost a ton of weight from commuting by electric bike!

Since I started commuting by electric bike, I’ve dropped 40 pounds. Maggie is so jealous that she’s started pestering me to swap rides on Fridays! I love my wife, but I love my bike too – I have to bite my tongue not to say, “Get your own BionX electric bike!”

4. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been in my life!

Regular twice a day cardio has got me fitter than couch potatoes half my age – and my heart and lungs are now in great shape, according to my doctor. An electric bike keeps you healthy.

5. I’m saving so much money!

I researched carefully before I bought a BionX electric bike kit, and what I read convinced me that this was the best electric bike kit on the market, regardless of the price tag. While Maggie lays out $500 every four months to service the Mustang, I spend $80 a year on a bike service. She spends hundreds of dollars on her brakes; I adjust and fix mine myself. And of course, I don’t have car payments, insurance costs, or gas bills. I run my electric bike for just pennies a day – so little I don’t even notice it on my electric bills!

You tell me – who’s making the smart choice here? …more BionX bike kit blogs

By guest blogger Average Joe Cyclist

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