Five Reasons to Get a BionX Electric Bike Kit..

by Guest on October 25, 2010

.. (rather than a Ready-Made Electric Bike)

When my doctor looked me in the eyes and said “I don’t want you riding your bike anymore”, I immediately went through the first three of the five stages of grief:

Denial – “No, you gotta be kidding me!”

Anger – “Why is this happening to me; I work out!”

Bargaining – “How about if I get an electric bike?”

She stopped me right there with “That could work,” so I didn’t have to go to the last two stages: Depression and Acceptance. Great – nothing feels better than being able to avoid accepting bad news!

My BionX - electric powered bike

My BionX - electric powered bike

I did a lot of research into the best electric motor for bicycles, and eventually decided to retrofit my Devinci hybrid bike with a Bionx electric bike kit, instead of buying a custom electric bike. In six years, I have never regretted this decision. These are the reasons why:

1. I got to keep riding my beloved Devinci hybrid

I already had a great bike that I loved, so why waste it? The BionX electric bike kit transformed my Devinci into an electric bike.

2. My BionX bike rides like a real bike!

Riding my BionX bike feels exactly the same as riding a regular bike. Whether you’re cornering or climbing or freewheeling downhill, you get that same great, fun cycling feeling on a BionX bike. Sure, it’s an electric bike – but it’s also just a bike.

3. My BionX bike looks like a real bike

OK, so this is probably just about my pride – but that’s important too. I wouldn’t be seen dead on one of those tiny scooters, but peddling my BionX bike is another story. I feel like an athlete, and hardly anyone knows that the completely silent BionX electric motor is secretly helping me. I fit right in with the other bicycle commuters!

4. BionX offers upgrade options

I started out with a BionX PL-250, and soon was using it every day, because I quickly discovered that an electric bike is the ideal way to commute to work. But then I got a job on the other side of a giant hill, and the PL-250 just wasn’t powerful enough. Instead of having to buy a whole new electric bike, I just bought a BionX PL-350 electric bike kit. Man, is it powerful – the PL-350 climbs that giant hill like a goat!

5. BionX offers great after-sales service

I have had only one serious problem with my BionX, when the axle of my PL-350 BionX electric wheel broke clean in half. BionX swapped it out for a brand new one, completely free, even though it was over two years’ old and I couldn’t find my sales receipt. No questions asked – clearly this is a company that backs its products!

By the way – six years of riding BionX electric bikes has made me so fit and healthy that my doctor has cleared me to ride anything I like – but as it turns out, I now like my electric bike best of all!

By guest blogger Average Joe Cyclist

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