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by BionX Electric Motor on January 26, 2011

Most people think the main reason I ride my electric bike is to avoid destroying the planet. It’s true that I want to save the planet for my kids and grand kids. However, I have another reason that I seldom share: my electric bike is the first weight loss aid I have ever found that actually works.

Yes, my electric bike is my weight loss secret, which I am now going to share with you.

Have you noticed how it’s almost impossible to lose weight? And even if you do manage to lose some weight, you invariably put it back on really quickly? And when the weight comes back, it brings some buddies with it, so you end up fatter than ever? This happened to me my whole life. Until I got my electric bike, that is.

How did my electric bike help me to lose weight? In a nutshell, it keeps me honest when it comes to exercise. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve resolved to hit the gym five times a week, or get back into soccer. Either it never happens, or it happens for a few weeks and then … stops. On the other hand, since I resolved to give up my car and commute by electric bike, Exercise just inevitably Happens. Which means that Fit Happens. In fact, to celebrate this, my daughter made me this button for Christmas.

Fit Happens

Joe's Pin - Fit Happens

That’s right, Fit Happens with an electric bike. That’s because I cycle twice a day, every weekday. After all, once you get to work on your electric bike, that’s pretty much the only way you’re going to get home! And at the same time that Fit Happens, Weight Loss also Happens. Let’s do the math to see why that is.

Cycling burns up a lot of calories. This is true even on an electric bike, because although you have assistance, you are also moving a heavier bike. It doesn’t completely balance out, but you can be sure that you are burning almost as many calories on your electric bike as you are on a regular bike. Based on my own experience, I believe it’s safe to assume you use up ⅔ as many calories on an electric bike as on a regular bike.

I developed this calculation to help you work out how many calories you burn in an hour on an electric bike, cycling at an easy pace:

  • 1. Start with your weight in pounds, e.g. 250 pounds
  • 2. Divide this by 2.2 to give you your weight in kg, in this case, 113.6
  • 3. Multiply 113.6 by 6, to give you 632 calories per hour
  • 4. Multiply 632 by 66%, to allow for the help from your electric bike

… equals 417 calories burned in 1 hour!

Joe's Bike

Joe's Bike Button

So if you weigh 250 pounds and you’re spending 1.5 hours per day commuting on your electric bike, you are burning more than 625 extra calories every day! So if you don’t increase your calories, this could add up to 45 pounds lost in one year! Not to mention that even after you park your electric bike in your garage you continue to burn more calories, because you have revved up your metabolism by cycling.

No wonder I lost 40 pounds in one year on my electric bike. And if I did it, so can you!

By guest blogger Average Joe Cyclist

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