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by BionX Electric Motor on February 10, 2011

BionX on Rio

My old Devinci Rio, retrofitted with my BionX electric bike kit, took me to me many wonderful places, even though the Rio was “bottom of the line”

Imagine if you could transfer your motor when you sell your car, and only have to pay for a new body! You could save a ton of money, right? Well, that’s one of the lesser-known advantages of electric bike kits: you can transfer your electric bike kit when you upgrade bikes.

I started off by buying a BionX electric bike kit – the best electric bike kit in the world, in my opinion. At first, I had it retrofitted onto my existing bike, a 1999 Devinci Rio. The Rio was a bottom-of-a-good-line bike, but with the BionX it got me around just fine for a long time. In fact, the BionX electric bike kit turned my very ordinary bike into a powerful commuter and tourer, enabling me to leave people with much better bikes in the dust! At the same time, I still had the feel of riding a real bike.

However, as time went on I found myself longing for a more up-market bike. I calculated I could afford to upgrade to top of the line, or at least close to top of the line. So I bought myself a very fine 2009 Devinci Copenhagen bike with carbon forks. The problem was, I was used to the speed and power of my BionX electric bike, and so the Copenhagen wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be.

Copenhagen with BionX

My new Devinci Copenhagen, retrofitted with the same BionX electric bike kit

Turned out, this was not a problem. I spoke to my local electric bike specialists, and they told me they could swap the BionX electric bike kit onto my new ride.

In just one day, and for a modest cost, they did just that. (In fact I could have transferred the electric bike kit myself, but I prefer to pay others to tackle more techie tasks!) Suddenly my new Copenhagen was a Bionic Bike – and I was a Bionic Rider again! And with the same powerful electric motor on an even better bike, I could ride better and faster than ever before. Even the steepest of hills didn’t faze me.

Sydney with BionX

My Copenhagen, now transformed into a Sidney – but with the same great BionX electric bike engine

And that wasn’t even the end of it! A year or so later I had the opportunity to swap out the frame of my Copenhagen for the even finer frame of a Devinci Sidney. My friendly local electric bike specialists stepped in again, and did a fine job of fitting my electric bike kit to my new rig.

It’s like my BionX electric bike kit is the heart of my bike, while the outer shell keeps changing around it. And while the outside just gets finer looking and more sophisticated, the “heart” stays as strong as ever, tirelessly powering the various incarnations of my bikes.

36V BionX Li-ion battery

The heart of all three of my bikes – the BionX 36V Li-ion battery that powers my BionX PL350 electric bike kit

This transferability has turned out to be an incredibly useful feature of my BionX electric bike kit. I get to transfer it from bike to bike, so I am not stuck with the same ride forever.

Whichever bike I’m on, the power is still with me!

By guest blogger Average Joe Cyclist

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