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by BionX Electric Motor on June 18, 2011

Easy E-bike? Yes, that’s what the BionX electric bike kit offers, and it’s exactly what it delivers. If you can change a rim and tire, and make simple adjustments, you can convert your bike to an electric-assist powerhouse. That’s what I just did, and I’m loving it.

Within hours of the two boxes arriving, I was powering down the road on my BionX motored bike. The kit is straight-forward, complete in every way, and easy to install yourself. If it seems like too much for you to tackle, you can have a bike savvy friend, or local mechanic do the installation for you. With just a few details that might need special attention, the kit tucked right on and worked just as advertised. Electric-motored biking couldn’t be easier.

What makes the BionX kit so great?

BionX 48V Special Edition Kit on my bike

BionX 48V Special Edition Kit on my bike

The intelligent design adds electric push to add to your own leg power. It varies the power to match yours, or you can mash the thumb throttle and move out like never before. It comes with a nice console that easily sets and monitors the electrics, and works like a bike computer too. It’s a complete package that will change the way you think about your bike For the better, no doubt.

I put my BionX kit on a very basic Raleigh mountain bike. What a transformation. This little baby just takes off. What started out as an regular bike is now a hill-climbing road warrior. With virtually no modifications to the bike, if I decide to transfer the kit to something nicer in the future, the bike will be just as it was before.

Jealous of this electric bike kit?

At this point you might be thinking, ‘This sounds great, how do I get what Turbo Bob has?’ Just check your bike to make sure the motor and battery will fit. Make a measurement on your dropout angle (not needed with all kits). Choose the kit that fits your needs. Pick up the phone and dial up the crew at NYCeWheels. Tell them, ‘send me a BionX kit right away’. This will start the ball rolling to get you on track for some fantastic E-bike excitement.

While you are waiting for the parcel people to do their thing, consider checking out some installation videos. You can find them on the NYCeWheels or BionX websites. They will not only help you along, but will let you see just how easy it will be to make your bike better than ever. Any questions or difficulties will be handled quickly by the experts at NYCeWheels over the phone. I didn’t need any help, and I doubt you will either.

Opening your BionX bike kit box

When your BionX kit arrives, expect two boxes. One with the motor and misc parts, and one with the battery. Whip it on your bike and let the fun begin. What will you get? A bike that climbs like never before. A bike that gets you down the road without wearing you thin. A bike that is not much heavier than before. A bike that will go a long way between battery recharges. A bike that will regenerate power on the down hills. A wide smile and a new bike attitude. You will wonder why you didn’t get the BionX sooner.

Have fun, Turbo Bob.

“There is something uncanny in the noiseless rush of the cyclist, as he comes into view, passes by, and disappears.”—Popular Science, 1891

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