BionX PL350 48 Volt Special Edition Kit–My Take.

by BionX Electric Motor on July 6, 2011

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Being one of the lucky ones to receive this new special edition BionX kit, I thought some published impressions about it are in order. I understand many people have been waiting eagerly for this package to become available. I guess my timing was right because I had just heard about, asked for it, and in the mail it came. The guys over at NYCeWheels must really like me, or the stars aligned just for me.

Either way, the BionX kit came, I installed it, and off I go.

BionX 48v special edition bike motor

BionX 48v special edition bike motor

So what’s so special about this kit? 20% lighter is on the list. The longest battery range of any other BionX bike kit offering is another plus. Better power and response are an important feature. It has a redesigned console that has some extra items it monitors and adjusts. The white finish on the motor announces these qualities to anyone keen enough to notice. So far, I am quite impressed.

I ride many different brands of E-bikes to fulfill my own curiosity and to report on them in my bike blog. My wife and I own a pair of inexpensive electric bikes with external motors and SLA batteries. That gives me a baseline to be able to judge the power, hill climbing ability, range, quality and overall weight of each bike I ride. I haven’t ridden the bike I put the kit on enough to report on all these points yet. I will, and the story will be told as time goes by.

I can tell you that this electric bike kit has plenty of power. If you juice it up at anything over 10 mph, it really gets your attention. It has four ranges of motor assist, each one noticeably different. These are tied into the intelligent assist feature that automatically adds power to match your own power input at the pedals. There is also a thumb throttle that you can use to get maximum power output once you are moving a little bit. Smooth, strong power is on tap when you need it.

This BionX 48 volt kit is very lightweight.

I put it on a basic bike that is light, but not super light. Still, the whole package seems easier to lift than most E-bikes I have tried. I will put it on the scale soon, but for now I can tell by the agile feel, that the heft is not objectionable. I am looking forward to this aspect, as I often take my bike on the trolley and load it into my small station wagon for distant rides.

I haven’t had a chance to get a feel for the battery range and hill-climbing torque quite yet. I will be riding it a lot and these things will become more obvious as the miles click by on the built-in odometer. What I have read about this BionX special edition kit leads me to believe the available range will be impressive. And if the high-end power is a clue, it should power up most hills I will encounter in local riding. I am expecting everything good on these two points.

Trust in a BionX bike kit

If all the stories are true, the quality and dependably are a given. I could see and feel the energy BionX has put into their kits. The finish, fit, and ease on installation are a good sign of things I am looking forward to from this package. An easy kit to install, you can tell how much time the BionX bike folks spent to bring this electric motored conversion kit to the public.

There are other kits in the BionX line. This appears to be the flagship offering. I feel very lucky to have in on my bike and be in a position to let you know how I like it. I will let family and friends try it and add there input to mine. So as I learn more about it, I wonder why you are reading this, instead on powering down the road on your own BionX equipped bike.

Thanks, Turbo Bob.

“I mean, you either love spinning the pedals and watching scenery whiz by, or you don’t. And if you love it, not much can sour you on the idea of riding your bike.”—Keith Mills

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