BionX Installation Tips, By Turbo Bob.

by BionX Electric Motor on September 2, 2011

The BionX kit comes with a handful of installation manuals and is backed with many videos online to guide you along.   As much as it is an very easy kit to install, I thought a few insights that I have found would be helpful.   Don’t take my word as gospel, but consider my input, question the crew at NYCeWheels, and chose the path that is right for you.   These little details might just answer a few questions that I didn’t find in print.

48V BionX kit layed out

48V BionX kit layed out

Spacing the freewheel.

The Bionx motor kit is designed to fit a wide range of bikes.   Some special attention to differences in bikes can be helpful.   One is the way the rear hub motor fits in the frame.   You want to make sure that the chain doesn’t rub the frame, and the chain and derailleur don’t scrape the motor.   I found that a quick measurement between the frame and the outer gear on the freewheel before removing the original rim, will allow you a chance to make sure the space is the same when the hub motor is installed.   Most bike shops sell spacers that fit in between the freewheel and the hub.   Try to match the spacing with the hub motor installed to that of the original wheel.   A 2.5 mm spacer worked just right for my bike.

Undoubtedly you will have to make some minor adjustments to the shifting system.   If you are doing your own E-bike conversion, then that is something you should be able to do without thinking twice.   Also, don’t forget that the rear brake and pads will most likely need some minor tweaking.

Mounting the battery holder on the frame.

The instructions say to put some protective tape on the frame under the battery mount.   I don’t think that would protect much and could leave a sticky mess.   I cut a piece of clear thin plastic from the package of a store bought item that most everything comes in nowadays.   I made it a little wider and longer than the battery mount, and drilled two holes to match.  I also noticed that the battery was hard to slide on and off because it was too close to the frame.   So I added a few thin washers between the mount and the frame to space it a little and still give a solid mount.   A little trial and error netted a strong mounting that allows the battery to slide freely on and off.

Routing the main wire at the bottom bracket.

I have installed my BionX 48v Special Edition Kit on two bikes so far.   They were both different and each presented its own special attention.   Chances are, your will too.   The first bike had a bolt-on kickstand that interfered slightly.   It almost made the wires too short to fit to the motor.   It also allowed the front shifter cable to rub on the wires.   Some careful tie-strapping took care of the routing, but I needed to deal with the shifter cable rub.   I cut a small section of cable housing and inserted it on the cable where it hit the wire.   Problem fixed.

The bike it’s on now had no restriction there, but because there was extra cable length, I had to make doubly sure the front shifter guide didn’t hit the wire cable.   Some extra tie-straps and attention to what I was doing, solved that issue.

Make sure the cable runs underneath the frame near the back tire and pedal arc.   Tie-strap the cable well to make sure it won’t come out of position and rub the wheel or pedal arm.   Also, the small cable that runs to the front of the bike for the display unit, needed a couple of extra tie-straps in addition to the two that stick onto the frame.

The magnet for the brake lever to activate the regeneration mode.

The magnet that sticks to the underside of the rear brake lever is in a vulnerable spot.   The book says to rely on the stickem to hold it, but to drill a hole and screw it on for a permanent installation.   I didn’t want to lose that magnet on the open highway, so I figured a little hole drilled in the brake handle was a good idea.   A very small wood screw from my hobby drawer made for a tight fit.

Review the instructions, watch the videos, and ask any and all question that you think matter.

This is one easy electric bike kit to install.   BionX has gone out of there way to ensure that.   Just like any installation or kit, it is a good idea to read and reread the paperwork before getting started.   Bert, Peter, and the rest of the guys at NYCeWheels will back you up 100%.   If there are any problems after the conversion, they have the expert knowledge to make sure your BionX kit gives you years of satisfaction and E-bike pleasure.   And believe me, this is one great kit with the performance to match.   Happy biking, Turbo Bob.

“You want to be like a carpet unrolling.   Get faster as the climb goes on.”—Chris Carmichael

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