BionX, a Ground Based Flying Carpet

by BionX Electric Motor on March 22, 2012

The Del at Coronado is the backdrop for Turbo and his BionX

The Del at Coronado is the backdrop for Turbo and his BionX

By Turbo Bob

The closest thing you can get to flying on your bike is the addition of a BionX E-bike conversion kit. You’ll be gliding along effortlessly with the power and smoothness that normally only comes in a dream. I’ve lived this dream and you can too.

NYCeWheels offers BionX kits in four different levels of power and price. I ridden some of those, but the one I had for an extended test was the 48 volt 350 watt version. The intelligent power-assist makes for the greatest feeling as you cruise and even more so when climbing grades. Like a direct connection to your needs, it knows when to power-up.

How a BionX bike motor works

It ties your choice of four levels of power-assist, to an integral load sensor that can feel how hard you are pedaling. With no other input from you, the motor kicks in silently and helps you roll down the road. A BionX motor kit enhances your acceleration and multiplies your climbing ability.

All this with virtually no drawbacks. The power system offers imperceptible drag and adds little weight to your bike.
The direct-drive brushless hub motor mounts easily to your bike and uses the factory drive system. The lockable battery uses the water bottle mounting holes to secure it to your bike. The wiring is minimal and makes for the cleanest of installations. I particularly like the fact that the ECU (electronic control unit) is enclosed in the motor housing itself. This allows for little electrical power losses and adds to the lack of wires you might notice on most other E-bike conversion kits.

What are the parts of a BionX bike?

The included display unit mounts on the handle bars. It incorporates many great features that impressed me. Like a bike computer, the BionX system registers your speed, trip distance, total distance, and ride time. Like an ammeter, it tells the amount of power being used or regenerated (yes, power regeneration, more on that soon), battery power left, and even has a anti-theft mode. Don’t forget the back-lighting for nighttime use and the built-in programmable features.

Ok, what about this battery regeneration thing? How does a BionX kit recoup your power? When slowing down and descending grades, the ECU will allow the motor to become a generator that will recharge the battery. A small sensor detects your activation of the rear brake and makes the motor send power back to the battery. It is set-up so it happens before the rear brake pads contact the rim and helps to slow the bike down, through drag from the motor. When you are ready for the actual stop, just pull the brake lever a tad more.

When coming down a grade, you can select one of four levels of regeneration. This acts like a drag brake to check your downhill speed and preserve your brakes. You make this selection from the plus and minus buttons that are on the display and the thumb reachable buttons. These are the same buttons that you use to pick the level of motor assist. This does work as I have seen the battery charge level go up more than once on descents.

BionX motors will fit my bike?

The BionX kit can be adapted to many styles of bikes. There are a few exceptions, but generally the installation is easy for someone who can tune-up their own bike. Your local bike shop or a savvy friend can help if needed. The motor comes laced-up to a strong wheel with even stronger spokes. You get your choice of several wheel sizes and custom jobs are on the menu too.

The kit comes with an awesome instruction manual. The customer service available at NYCeWheels is as close as your phone or computer. These E-bike experts have been selling and installing BionX kits for many years. If for some reason you have a warranty issue, they will jump on it like a big cat. And as the years go by, they can be counted on for replacement parts and continued assistance.

There are many good reasons to convert your bike to E-power. Buying an E-bike might be nice, but many people don’t have the room or can’t handle the expense of owning two bikes. Plus the bike your riding now probably fits you well and is like an old friend. Giving it a new lease on life with a electric conversion kit could be the best thing you’ve ever done for it. If your bike is well maintained and you are pleased with it, consider a BionX.

Electric bike kit pricing

Another thing I like about this kit is that you can put it on a bike of most any price point. If you decide to up-grade to a better bike, the BionX can be added to that bike easily. The investment in your bike and yourself will continue to pay for itself for a long time. Not many bike modifications can boast that.

Also, many E-bikes are one size fits all. They might not come with the pieces you like either. With a BionX E-bike conversion kit, you can make all the decisions. You are not bound to what someone else thinks you might like, you can follow your own directions to custom fit your bike for you. Your own custom designed magic carpet E-bike, who wouldn’t want that? Enjoy some high flying.

Check the BionX bike motor on NYCeWheels website and go BionX, Turbo Bob.

“You begin pedaling–faster and faster and faster. You ease the prop pitch in, which is like shifting into a higher gear on a bicycle. Someone on the radio is shouting, ’Stay close to the center line. Stay close! Move a little more to your right. Keep your wings level.’ And then the wing runner shouts, ’Okay! Looks like you’re going fast enough.’ You gradually ease back on the stick of the airplane. And then there’s that glorious moment when you take off from the runway.”—Glenn Temml, who pedaled the Daedalus Project into flight.

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