Gepida Reptila 1100 vs the BionX 48v Special Edition Kit–And the Winner is…

by BionX Electric Motor on April 12, 2012

BionX bike & Gepida electric bicycle

BionX bike & Gepida electric bicycle

With the great opportunity to have both of these top-end E-bikes in my garage (thanks to NYCeWheels), I have had a chance to ride them both enough to get a feel for their good and bad qualities. To save you the trouble of scrolling to the bottom of the page to see which one I like best, I will start out with the answer. There is no winner. Each bike is designed with a different kind of rider in mind.

The Gepida and BionX Kit compare stats!

Here are their similarities and differences.
The Gepida comes as a complete, ready to ride electric-assist bike. It is a true pedelec, with no option of adding power without pedaling. It is very efficient and well thought-out. The BionX Kit is designed to mount on a bike of your choosing. It is designed to be operated as a pedelec, but has a thumb throttle that can be used to add power-assist anytime. The higher voltage of it’s power system has pluses and minuses.
The Gepida has a 8-speed rear geared-hub with the motor in the front, whereas the BionX 48v kit has the motor in the rear hub so you are destined to use a multi-speed freewheel with a derailleur. That allows the Gepida Reptila the use of a chain guard and all your shifting in one control. On the other hand, the BionX bike will have a much wider range of gears available to it’s rider, with the few advantages that go with it.
The BionX Kit can go on any level of bike you want. That can allow your investment and bike quality to be varied. It can also be moved from bike-to bike at will. Some would see this as a major plus. Do figure in the fact that some mechanical expertise will be needed, unless you want to farm the work out to someone else. The Gepida Reptila 1100 is a nice bike, well equipped, and ready for action. Once again, a big plus for certain people.

Speed and Power goes  to the BionX

There is no doubt in my mind, when it comes to power and speed, the winner the is the BionX 48v Special Edition Kit. It may not have the low-end grunt of the Gepida Reptila 1100, but in terms of motor power alone, it has the juice. The extra voltage of the BionX kit is most likely the reason for this. (48 volts as opposed the 36 volt system on the 1100). I find myself keeping a higher speed when on the BionX equipped bike.
If used in the pedelec mode only, the two bikes are probably pretty even. Still, in the mid-to-high speed ranges, give the advantage to the BionX. When you have it in the maximum power assist mode and really crank on the pedals, it just plain moves out. The Gepida is a designed to be more efficient and doesn’t respond with quite as much gusto. Still, you can feel the power just fine.
Both have really quiet motors, but we will give this one to the BionX. It is truly silent. The quality of the two motors is very high, and if you equate sound levels in this way, the BionX at the top. Me being used to the smooth whine of my E-Zipp makes both bikes special in this respect.

How does the Reptila display unit compare?

The display units have many functions. The Reptila has one readout that tells distance left in the battery in miles. It also has real large digits to show your speed. Both have bar gauges that show battery charge levels. The BionX has some cool bar gauges that show how much assist it is adding. It also shows how much power regeneration is taking place. Yes, the BionX will replace some of it’s battery charge when going down hill. You need to set it when you hit the hill, and it also saves wear and tear on the brakes.
I really like the way the battery mounts on the Reptila. It also gives you the option of mounting a second battery to double your range. The Reptila is just a little more stealthy as far as being an obvious E-bike. I also like the feel and look of the Reptila. Very modern. Of course, the BionX kit can go on most any bike style you like, outfitted in any way you like.
So to pick a winner would be hard. You need to give them both a try yourself to see what you think. That is one good reason to stop by the NYCeWheels shop. You can give them both a spin to make your own decision. And you can try the other E-bikes they offer, including a great Brompton folding E-bike. So pedal on over to NYCeWheels, and tell them that Turbo sent you!

“No rider I know gets by after a raging ride with a bagel and a banana. That we could is irrelevant. Food is life, and if we are what we eat, I don’t want to be a squishy, yellow fruit.”—Allison Glock.

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