A BionX Conversion

by BionX Electric Motor on May 3, 2012

Today I got the chance to ride a Cannondale Adventure that had been converted into an electric bike using a 350 watt BionX Motor. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would a bike converted by the BionX system perform as well as a regular electric bike?

Could the BionX Conversion Kit compare to a real powerhouse like the Stromer Electric Bike?

Last week I rode the Stromer Electric Bike around the Central Park bike paths, and I couldn’t imagine that the BionX Conversion Kit would compare with a bike of that caliber. I set off on the road, just me, the BionX Conversion Kit, and my inhibitions, and, to my surprise, by the end of trip my opinions had gone through a “conversion” of their own.

The BionX can hack it with the big boys.

The BionX Conversion Kit does a great job of providing all of the perks of a traditional electric bike. Like the Stromer Electric Bike, the BionX system provides four levels of electric assistance, as well as four levels of increased resistance for those type-A personalities who want to get a little more exercise. Also like the Stromer Electric Bike, the BionX system integrates a throttle that can be used when you get tired of pedaling.

Benefits of the BionX

There are actually many benefits to riding a converted electric bike, in place of a traditional electric model. First, a bike converted by the BionX system has the potential to be much lighter than a regular electric bike.


The Stromer Electric Bike, for example, weighs in at 62 pounds. That means that when you turn off the electric assistance on the Stromer, the bike is fairly difficult to accelerate at a fast pace. In contrast, the Bionx Conversion Kit can be as light as 15 lbs! The enhanced Cannondale Adventure I rode is in no way a light bike, but even with the BionX System attached I had no problem pedaling at a good pace when the electric assistance was turned off.The other benefit to using a BionX Conversion Kit, is that the battery is removable.  This comes in handy if, like me, you live on the sixth floor walk up, and want to put the battery in your backpack when you carry your bike up the stairs.

By the end of my ride, I was convinced that the BionX Conversion Kit is a truly wonderful addition to the world of electric bikes.  Definitely anyone who is thinking about buying an electric model, should try out the BionX Conversion Kit for themselves, and prepare to be amazed!


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