Let’s be honest, we all want the BionX

by BionX Electric Motor on May 15, 2012

Last week, after having an amazing ride on the Stromer Electric Bike I vowed that I would return to my regular ole’ road-bike and abstain from the  electric bike craze that has taken a hold of the biking world. But then I saw the BionX Conversion Kit, and I thought, what the heck, that looks totally awesome.

The BionX electrifies virtually any bike

The BionX system is able to convert virtually any bike into an electric bike. The bike I ended up riding was a Cannondale Adventure that had been suped-up with a 350 watt BionX motor.

Right from the get-go I noticed some great features about the bike. First, the seat is among the most comfortable seats I have ever had the opportunity to sit on. Just get this, in addition to being very cushy, it actually has suspension. That’s right the SEAT has suspension. Maybe that doesn’t shock the well-rounded bikers of the world, but I was totally delighted— made my road bike feel like sitting on a golf-club.

The BionX enhanced Cannondale also had very sophisticated handlebars that can be easily adjustable to virtually any height and angle. This is a great feature as I become annoyed with the arc of the overly curvy handlebars that are so often used on electric bikes. Being able to lower the handlebars a bit made the bike feel a bit more sporty and, unless it was my imagination, I felt like I cut through the wind a bit more easily.

The BionX Conversion Kit’s greatest strength:

Both of the features described above (the adjustable seat and handlebars) are, of course, not specifically benefits of the BionX system itself, but rather of the bike enhanced by the BionX Motor. But really, that is the greatest strength of the BionX Conversion Kit— you can choose a bike with the features that suit you and add on electric assistance as an accessory. Indeed…

(Some inspirational last words about BionX…)

…no longer must you suffer on a frame that isn’t to your liking just to harness the advantages of electric power. Using the BionX Conversion Kit, you can enjoy the power of electricity on any design of your choosing, custom fit to your own desire, limited by nothing but the outer regions of one’s own imagination and creativity!

Ok… maybe I got a bit ahead of myself, but still, the BionX Conversion Kit is amazing and I encourage everyone to learn more about it, and if you can, come by and try it out!


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