Excellent support with the BionX Warranty

by BionX Electric Motor on June 12, 2012

One of the most common things people want to know about e-bikes is how long they can be expected to last, and what to do if problems start to arise. For many people, an electric bike is a substitute for a car, it is their primary way of commuting to work or school, and they want to know that they’re going to be well supported if something goes wrong.

BionX, manufacturer of the BionX Bike Kit, is one company that really understands what it means to take care of their customers.  Among electric bike manufacturers, BionX support is unmatched.  Not only do they work hard to ensure that their products maintain the highest level of quality, but they also go the extra mile and make sure their customers stay happy.

The BionX Warranty

BionX Bike Kit

BionX Bike Kit

The BionX Warranty covers everything for 2 years, including parts and battery.  This is huge.  On an E-Bike, the battery is one of the most difficult components to maintain.  Because of this most companies will only warranty their batteries for a maximum of 6 months.  That the BionX Warranty covers both bike and battery for 2 years is a testament to the quality of BionX support as well as the exemplary performance of the BionX bike kit itself.

The BionX bike kit: a powerful system

BionX Bike Kit

BionX Bike Kit

The BionX bike kit converts virtually any normal bike into an e-bike with full automated pedal assist and the option of using a throttle.   The most advanced Premium BionX bike kit uses a 48 Volt lithium ion battery and a 350 Watt motor, which can approach speeds of 20 mph using power on demand, much faster if you’re pedaling along, and has a potential range of over 45 miles on a single charge.  Even with all this power, the kit only adds about 15lbs to the weight of your bike.

This level of quality, combined with the 2 year, all inclusive, BionX Warranty, makes the BionX bike kit one of the best options out there.  So if you’re thinking about getting an electric bike but haven’t considered an electric conversion kit, definitely take a look at the BionX, you won’t be disappointed.


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