BionX and the wind powered trike

by BionX Electric Motor on June 26, 2012

BionX Conversion KitOne of the great things about green technology is the creativity it inspires. The BionX conversion Kit can be used to convert a normal bike into an electric bike with fully automated petal assist, a 350 watt motor and a 20 mile range. The BionX system is itself a good example of the creative ways we’ve found to save energy and resources, enabling thousands of commuters to get where they need to go, while enjoying the outdoors and avoiding paying exorbitant gas prices.

But BionX is also more than this. As time goes on, systems like the BionX Conversion Kit have become focal points for a wide range of exciting creative ventures.

The Bionx powered Pterosail Trike



In 2010, Pterosail Trike Systems, a company pioneering green technology, announced that they would be launching a tour across the entire United States with a BionX assisted, wind powered trike called the “Petrosail.” The trike is built like a sailboat with wheels, with a light weight carbon composite mast, a jib rigged sail, fitted in the center of the bike, behind the seat and in front of the two back wheels.

Like the BionX system, the Petrosail Trike is built so that anyone can use it. Sailing on land sounds like something only an expert (or maybe a someone a bit nutty in the head) would try, but, using an automated tacking technology, the Petrosail becomes usable for anyone. You just let the wind blow you down the street, and when the wind drops away, a 350 Watt BionX motor is there to assist your pedaling while you wait for that next gust.

BionX paves the way for a green world

Like BionX, Pterosail Trike Systems has a mission to integrate new green technology into the fabric of our society, to make commuting easy and fun, and to create a wide range of options for people to get where they need to go.

Among other things, Petrosail also wants people to rediscover the “great outdoors.” As technology increases it becomes easier and easier to stay inside, and getting on a bike to go to the store starts to seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Systems like the BionX Conversion Kit bring people back out into the fresh air by making biking easy and fun. And the Pterosail is an extension of this. It says to people, the increase of technology shouldn’t cause us to do less, it should allow us to experience more in new and exciting ways, that are fun, easy, and healthy.

So in the next few years, keep an eye on new green technology, see what new creative ventures are imagined, and take a moment to think about how technology like the BionX Conversion Kit could change your own life.

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