Bringing out the best in your BionX

by Jack R. on July 28, 2012

BionX Bike KIt

The BionX Conversion Kit is a powerful and very dynamic system.  The most advanced premium BionX kit uses a 350 watt motor, powered by a 48 Volt lithium ion battery, and offers fully automated pedal assistance as well as throttle triggered power on demand.  At its most efficient, it can go 45 miles on a single charge, reach speeds of over 20 mph, and only takes 5 – 6 hours to charge.  At its best, the BionX Conversion Kit can compete with any e-bike on the market.  But this raises the question, how do you make sure your BionX kit will always be at its best?

Here’s three simple things you can do to optimize your BionX system and bring out its full potential.

Using gears with your BionX

When you fit your bike with an electric bike kit, it is easy to become distracted by all the bells and whistles, and forget the basics of bicycling.  Even when the electric assistance is on full blast, you always want to use your gears as though you were riding a normal bike.  When you’re going up an incline, downshifting is going to make it easier on the motor, and on flats, shifting to higher gears is going to give you more propulsion at less cost.

Pedaling and the BionX System

Your range on the BionX System and other e-bikes is going to depend on a combination of factors— weight, terrain, efficient use of gearing and, perhaps most importantly, how much you’re pedaling along with the motor.  Deciding how much you want to pedal is something that every person has to decide for themselves.  If you pedal more your range will increase but you might be more tired at the end of the day.

The trick is finding a balance where you’re not relying solely on the motor, but also taking advantage of the pedal assist technology and not tiring yourself.  My advice would be to keep the BionX on lower levels on flats, pedal moderately, and then bring in more assistance only when you need it.


Maximizing battery life with the BionX

BionX Battery

BionX Battery

Lastly, there are a few simple tricks to keep your battery running at its full potential.  First, take advantage of the regenerative breaking.  When you go down a hill, squeeze the rear brake only enough to show “G” on the monitor screen.  This ensures that you’re getting more motor braking than mechanical braking, and therefore charging the battery more efficiently.

Second, after you’re done with you’re ride, allow the battery about 30 minutes to cool before plugging it in to recharge.  This will keep you’re battery happy and increase its overall life span.


For those of you who already have BionX bike kit, I hope this was helpful, and for anyone who has yet to try it out, come by the shop sometime, take a test ride on the BionX, you’ll have a blast, I promise.


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