BionX PL250 Electric Bike Kit

by Seth Werkheiser on September 25, 2012

Looking to get an electric bike but feeling overwhelmed by all the choices? Have you considered converting your existing bike into an electric bike? With the BionX PL250 Electric Bike Kit you can do just that! This electric bike kit is easy to install, adding a whole new world of possibilities and adventures to your current bike.

Low Cost Electric Bike Conversion

BionX Conversion Kit

BionX Conversion Kit

The Bionx PL250 Electric Bike Kit is a low cost way of getting into the world of electric bikes. Instead of buying a completely new bike you can simply convert your existing bicycle – the one you’re most comfortable with – into an electric bike. The Bionx PL250 Electric Bike Kit includes a new wheel with a motor, battery and bracket, charger, console (displays battery charge and speed) and all the hardware you need to get your bike rolling.

Lightest BionX Kit

You already love your current bike, but don’t worry, the BionX PL250 Electric Bike Kit won’t change much. This electric bike kit only adds about 16lbs to your current ride, which is mostly in the form of the new rear wheel with the motor and battery pack.

The BionX Kit: Pedal Assist and Throttle Control

As you’re doing research on electric bikes you may have noticed that some bikes have pedal assist like the Stromer Electric Bike, while others are throttle control like the A2B Metro. With the Bionx PL250 Electric Bike Kit you get both options! The pedal assist is great when you still want a workout when you’re out climbing hills or just cruising along. As you pedal, the 250watt motor kicks in with a nice smooth and steady assist to your pedaling. And when you’d rather relax a bit, let the electric motor do the work! Just twist the throttle and the Bionx PL250 Electric motor kicks in, giving you a quick and powerful ride!

The BionX has great range

BionX Conversion Kit

BionX Conversion Kit

If you’re commuting to work or just up and down some bike paths on the weekends, a single charge of the Bionx PL250 will be more than enough. On a single charge the Bionx PL250 Electric Bike Kit has a range of 20 miles. Set the controls to “Regenerative Mode” when you’re going down hills and you’ll actually recharge the battery as you’re rolling along! You’ll also recharge the battery when you use the brakes, making the Bionx PL250 even more efficient.

The BionX at a glance

The Bionx PL250 Electric Bike Kit is a great way to get started in with electric bike, all with using a bike you’re already comfortable with. The installation is straightforward, the controls are clear, and the performance is amazing! Get the Bionx PL250 Electric Bike Kit and enhance the bike you already love!

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