The Surly Moonlander Electric Bike

by Jack R. on February 2, 2013

Surly Moonlander Electric BikeLast month, our sales-guy/mechanic extraordinaire decided to built up a fatty Surly Moonlander fit with our most powerful electric conversion kit.  How can I explain how cool this bike is?  Riding it, you feel like skiing over fresh powder, running with spring loaded shoes, sprinting for the finish line in a slow motion movie climax.  Weightless, space rover, cruiser, hovercraft, awesome-times— these are my answers to the Moonlander Rorschach test I gave myself.  I’ve never seen such thick tires, or ridden an electric bike that feels this smooth.  Let’s look at the details.

Big Tires on a Big Electric Bike

Surly Moonlander Fatty TiresIf you’re looking for an E-bike with fatty tires, look no further my friend.  The tires on the Moonlander Electric Bike are 4.7 inches thick, large enough to handle the roughest streets New York City has to offer.  Actually you could probably ride over a log in the woods without missing a beat.  And although the tires are big and beefy, the bike remains fairly light, responding very well to your pedaling, and covering a lot of ground.  Attach a powerful motor with a high-end electric conversion kit like the BionX and you’re in for a very very good time.

Putting the E in E-bike

Surly moonlander electric bikeThe Surly Moonlander Electric Bike can use any one of our three BionX Kits.  I would recommend our most powerful electric conversion kit, featuring a 350 watt motor and a 48volt lithium ion battery.  It’s so much fun feeling the tires on the Surly Moonlander burn rubber that it’s really worth those extra watts and volts.  With this powerful system you’ll be able to reach speeds of 20 miles per hour and ride for 35 miles on a charge!

Nice features on the Surly

The Surly Moonlander Electric Bike features a custom rear wheel, disc brakes, and a beautiful metal flake paint job.  It has the Big Fat Larry tires with Larry tread, Shimano Derailleurs with a 9 speed cassette and a tough Surly 4130 CroMoly steel frame.  The result is a big beefy electric bike with fatty tires, that can really move fast.


Getting creative with the Surly Moonlander

With a BionX motor installed, the Surly Moonlander Electric Bike has so much potential.   It was fun enough just riding around the streets of NYC, jumping off curbs, and feeling the streets glide underfoot.  But with a Moonlander of my own I imagine cruising off-road in my favorite parks, riding it down some light mountain trails, or using it to explore the weaving, beach- bike paths of the Palisades.  Get a Surly Moonlander Electric Bike of your own and see what new adventures come your way!







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