Why BionX and Folding Bikes?

by Jack R. on September 14, 2013

At various times we have carried an assortment of electric folding bikes–that is, folding bikes with electric assist capabilities built right into the design from the ground up. It makes a lot of sense for NYCeWheels–we specialize in just two kinds of bikes, folding and electric, so why not combine the two?

Dahon Mu P8 with BionXWell, somewhere along the way we picked up another specialty, which is installing electric conversion systems on conventional bikes. We’ve gotten pretty good at it, and at this point have put BionX motors and batteries on everything from fatbikes to folding bikes! We’ve been especially impressed with the results in the latter category, which is ultimately why we don’t bother with the integrated folding electric bikes–our BionX conversions just work that well! And they’re awfully customizable too, since you can pick whether the battery mounts to your frame or rear rack, and choose from three different kinds of motors and batteries. Because both BionX kits and folding bikes tend to be fairly lightweight, these custom packages also turn out significantly lighter than a lot of dedicated electric bikes–for example, the Stromer ST1, one of our best-selling dedicated electric bikes, weighs in at 62lbs, while an average folding electric conversion like the Dahon Mu P8 with a PL250 system is all of 42lbs!

We’ve done electric conversions on tons of different folding bikes, but I thought I’d highly some of our favorites that highlight the versatility of the setup.

Electric Montague Crosstown: a Responsive, Well-Balanced Ride

The Crosstown and the rest of Montague’s folding bikes almost seem designed specifically to accept a BionX kit. Their unique frame geometry leaves a perfectly BionXMontague Crosstown with BionX electric conversion system battery-sized gap under the top tube where a water bottle cage is usually supposed to go. By placing the battery here, its weight is both centralized and kept low to the ground, so it hardly affects the bike’s handling at all. By cocking the Montague folding mechanism just slightly, it’s also a simple operation to pop off BionX’s quick-release battery for off-bike charging.

With it’s full sized 700c wheels and skinny road tires, the Montague Crosstown is an excellent city bike to begin with–it’s both stable and capable of moving at a good clip. With the added electric boost of a BionX kit, it becomes a practical, easy to use, and affordable electric daily commuter.

Electric Dahon Briza: Comfort, Power, and the Best of All Worlds

BionX Dahon Briza electric folding bikeThe Dahon Briza folding bike is perfect for people who need a little bit of everything. Its 24″ wheels are a little larger than your average folding bike, but smaller than a full sized conventional ride. This maks it easy to fold, carry, and store, but it still rides smoothly and stably. Its step-through design and cruiser handlebars are ideal for anyone looking a comfortable bicycle, but the rack and fenders make it practical for every day use running errands or even commuting.

The one drawback for the Briza is that its upright design is not really designed with speed in mind. For anyone who needs a comfortable cruiser bike but also wants to be able to speedily zip around town, a Briza with 350 watts of BionX power offers an ideal solution. At the tap of a button, you’ll be pushing 20 miles an hour with no effort whatsoever, while casually enjoying the rush of wind in your hair–about a banana sundae short of heaven, I’d say!

Electric Tern Link D8: a Perfect Marriage of Form and Function

If you want something really special, look no further than our Tern Link D8 BionX conversion. Without an electric system, the Link D8 is already easily one of our most popular bikes of any kind. Its low price point, responsive aluminum frame, compact size, and overall smooth ride win admirers of all stripes. It was a no-brainer for us to add an electric kit that garners similar praise left and right, so we went ahead and put the high torque PL350 BionX kit on it.

Tern Link D8 with custom BionX motor

But it didn’t end there. The bike performed so excellently with the 36 volt system that we decided to go overboard by installing a custom all-black BionX kit that matches the Link D8’s elegant color scheme perfectly. Everything from the battery to the rack to the motor hub is cloaked in an understated black matte paint job that make this one of the best looking electric bike conversions we have ever performed.


If none of these three bikes wet your whistle, head over the folding electric bikes section of our website for further inspiration. Find out which bike is right for you and order yours today!

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