Creative BionX Conversions

by Jack R. on October 16, 2013

One spectacular thing about electric conversion kits is how they transcend just being a convenience or a toy, a tool or vehicle. With the ability to easily install a quality electric system on practically any bicycle, you become more than a mechanic or even an engineer–you become an artist!

And some people have done truly inspiring things with their kits. One of my favorite things about working at NYCeWheels is seeing the unique setups customers come up with, particularly with the BionX System.  For example, many folks who ride tandem and recumbent bicycles really “get” the benefit that BionX systems can provide, since little obstacles like hills can be particularly obnoxious on these vehicles. One family sent us this picture of an impressive looking tandem conversion:

BionX mounted on a Tandem

Then there’s NYCeWheels customer Robert, who souped up his recumbent bike with an electric motor in what looks like a pretty cool home workshop:

BionX trike

With the latest BionX designs, some people can’t help but come up with truly strange, nifty, over the top bike setups. Such is the case with Olli’s electrified recumbent trike, which also features an aerodynamic windshield and a trailer full of camping gear.

BionX camping trike

Recumbent bikes distribute weight differently than most conventional rides, so recumbents owners in particular will tell you how much harder it can be to tackle inclines on these specialized bikes. The addition of an electric assist system thus makes perfect since, as pedaling against resistance with an electric boost is infinitely easier.

Some of the BionX conversions I’ve seen are interesting as much for the people who create them and the purpose they serve, as for the bikes they are on. For example, Tom from North Carolina sent us this picture of a BionX-enabled Fuji police bike:

Police bike with BionX

Recently our experiments installing powerful BionX systems on Surly’s excellent line of beastly “fatbikes” have generated a lot of positive feedback from folks who follow the shop. One result of that has been a smattering of photos that delighted electric fatbike owners have sent us of their valient, beefy new steeds.

One customer of ours, Gordon, is a particularly ardent Surly fan and has sent us several pictures his electrified behemoths from his seemingly unending stable of fatbikes. First, Gordon kitted this beauty out with a frame bag to stealthily conceal the BionX battery:

Surly Krampus with frame bag and BionX

And next, he upped the ante by installing a BionX electric bike kit on his Pugsley (Necromancer, from the looks of it) and added a rear fender that makes the whole rig look like something Darth Vader might ride:

Gordon Duff black Pugsley with BionX

So Gordon came up with a Darth Vader bike. What have you got?
See what gets your creative juices flowing by checking out our selection of electric bike conversion kits today!

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