Thank You BionX

by Jack R. on November 20, 2013

Dear Bionx,

One of the best things about running our business on a daily basis is that we get to sell products that we not only know are fun and extremely cool, but are also often life-changing. At least, this is the case with the BionX electric conversion kits that we install every day.

BionX TrikeSeriously, what’s not to like about cruising at 20mph with no effort at all!? The ubiquitous reaction from our entire staff, and every single one of our customers to riding a BionX-installed bike for the first time is a big, goofy grin that tends to last long after the ride has ended.

This also tends to be true for people from all walks of life, from the elderly who purchase an electric kit to help keep healthy, to teens who take their BionX bikes on tricky single tracks and epic road trips.

Of course, there is also plenty to geek out about with the BionX system, for those who love getting the most out of their technology. With a full range of wattage, voltage, and amp hour options to choose from, not to mention the different BionX battery styles and mounting points, it is easy to see why so many people get happily pulled into obsessing over the exact configuration of their electric bikes. In fact, the BionX system is so versatile and customizable that we have had the pleasure of working with lots of different customers on some really wild projects, from tandems and recumbent bikes to trikes and folding bikes. Some from the latter category have actually proved so popular and useful that we keep them around on our demo floor permanently so customers can see how the system works. One of our most popular BionX-centric ideas was to mount your PL350 high-torque electric conversion system on some serious fatbikes. The result is way too much fun:

But how can a bike be life changing? In the case of our BionX-converted bikes, it turns out a bike can pretty seriously improve someone’s life very readily. In our years of experience converting standard bikes to electric bikes, we have met customers whose chronic hip, knee, or ankle injuries prevented them from traveling by bike, or even just on foot, who suddenly become free to travel easily with the acquisition of an electric bike. Many of our electric bike customers live in rural areas and ardently commute many miles to work on a daily basis despite the steep hills and winding country roads that they have to contend with. By adding a motor to their favorite bike, they are suddenly able to enjoy the beautiful scenery around them every day, and shuck their reliance on automobiles in the process.

BionX powered tandemSpeaking of which, probably the most regular occurrence of lives being changed by BionX is in the case of bike riders who want to be completely oil-independent. In many cases, these folks are already enthusiastic bike riders, but feel that using pedal power alone is impractical for some daily chores–buying big loads of groceries, or commuting 10 miles a day to a button-down office, for example. The excitement these customers exhibit at getting to keep their well-loved bicycles with the added practical use of a BionX kit is both palpable and contagious.

The world needs more companies that make great products, that are both practical and energy efficient, nifty and pragmatic. Most of all, we could all use more products that let a little more fun into the world, and change it for the better at the same time. In our humble opinion, BionX, the world could use more companies like you.

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