BionX for Postmates

by Jack R. on April 29, 2014

BionX DX CassetteI don’t know about you, but in spite of being on a bike for-as-long-as-I-can-remember, I still bonk out after about six hours of riding. Nothing could have possibly prepared me for the type of bonking I’d experience working for postmates, with four hours battling NYC traffic trying to meet strict hourly deadlines.

For those of you who are new to the concept,Postmates is a same-hour delivery service where bike couriers are given an iphone and have one hour from when they accept the job to when they have to have it delivered to the customer. For most couriers, four hours of riding is an average shift. Not the easiest job, especially in a city like New York, but I do it in my off time to help supplement my income.

BionX DX CassetteYou can imagine – hot sun blaring down at you, taxi cabs racing past inches from your elbow, sweat pouring down your face and three hours left of riding before your feet touch the ground. Your legs feel like Twizzlers being pulled apart, your side feels like someone just stabbed you, and suddenly you’re aware of the tendons in your knees and wishing you ate something other than leftover pizza for breakfast.

Yeah, it is truly exhausting—but there are a few ways to make your life easier.

Meet BionX

BionX DX Cassette Conversion KitYou may have heard of BionX, seen one on a NYCeWheels video or noticed a kit on a neighborhood bike. Basically, a BionX system is an electric motor you can put on basically any bike in order to convert it into a powerful electric bike—a perfect way to give your legs a break when you bonk, have to climb a hill, or have an especially large load to carry.

This is a perfect solution to the problem that every bike courier faces: how can I make my living without exhausting myself to the limits of human endurance? With a powerful conversion kit like the new BionX DX cassette motor kit, instead of maxing out at 10mph from stoplight to stoplight, you’re able to maintain a 20mph pace no matter how heavy the load, or how exhausted you are.

BionX DX Cassette

Can any bike be converted by BionX?

Dylan's DX bionX CassetteThe BionX conversion kit is extremely versatile, capable of converting bikes with 5 – 10 speed freewheels or cassettes, and 20inch, 24inch, 26inch, 700c, or 29er wheels. It can even be fit on a cargo bike which is a huge advantage for any bike courier carrying a heavy load. Of course you would want to get the most powerful 48volt conversion BionX kit for this setup. Here’s a BionX guide which I used to help figure out if the kit would fit on my own bike.

Dylan with his bionX bikeOver the past few months, three of my friends at postmates have made the decision to buy BionX S350 DX conversion kits to make their lives easier, and every day I hear from another courier who has made the leap.

For anyone in the bike delivery industry, or anyone who just feels like they need a little assistance to make those more grueling commutes, the BionX Conversion Kit is a lifesaver, has made my life a million times easier, and I highly recommend it.


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