The Dahon Formula BionX Bike!

by Jack R. on August 20, 2014

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If I were going to put an electric motor on any bicycle in the shop, it would be the Dahon Formula S18. I first rode this high performance folding bike 2 years ago on my first day at NYCeWheels. I had never really taken a folding bike seriously, the smaller wheels just seemed like they wouldn’t be as stable or go as fast. When I took the Formula out to Central park I was blown away by how sturdy the bike felt, and how well it performed.

Formula BionX Bike


Formula S18This high performance folding bike is light and fast, weighing just over 24 lbs, has 18 speeds, and powerful disc brakes. The frame is made of a high grade double butted aluminum which is lightweight and strong. The rapid fire shifters and Shimano Tiagra derailleur allows you to move smoothly from lowest to highest gear, and the fast Kojak tires are both tough and speedy. I was flying on the Formula s18, passing road-bikers, and smiling the whole way around the park.

Making a good thing better!

Formula BionX Bike

All of these features make the formula s18 a great candidate for electric conversion. This year we decided to go for it and installed a 48 volt BionX battery and powerful 350 watt motor on the Formula s18. Using the advanced pedal assist technology that BionX is known for, the electrified Formula can go up to 20 mph, has up to a 40 mile range, and still only weighs 39.1 lbs, 25 lbs less than most other e-bikes on the market!!!!

Formula BionX motor

Its strong frame can handle the extra weight of the battery and motor, and the powerful disc brakes are able to stop you on a dime even cruising at top speed. Best of all, it still folds to the same size. After a 20 mile cruise on your electric bike, just fold it up and put it in your closet!


Putting an electric motor on a folding bike just makes sense. If you want to get a little electric help riding around the city, why not put it on a bike that is more compact and able to fit in your apartment? It even ends up being cheaper than a regular electric bike. With its excellent components, light weight, and lower price, the Formula BionX Bike is without a doubt, one of the best folding electric bikes out there.


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