Electric folding bikes: BionX vs A2B Kuo.

by Jack R. on September 27, 2014

One of the advantages of the BionX is that it can be installed on a wide range of bikes, from roadsters with full sized wheels, to folding bikes with 20 inch rims. Here at the shop we’ve had fun with this, putting our top BionX kits on our top folding bikes to create super portable lightweight electric folders.

Formula BionX bike

A2B Kuo Folded

But you don’t have to use a conversion kit to make a great folding electric bike.

Ultra Motors, known for their larger moped like electric bikes, released an electric folder called the A2B Kuo which packs a nice little punch.  Let’s take a closer look and see how the A2B Kuo compares with a BionX conversion.

With the BionX anything is possible!

One of the great advantages of the BionX kit is that it is very versatile. You can install the BionX on virtually any bike, and there are a wide range of BionX kits offering different levels of power, torque and range. This means that you will have a lot of control over what your bike looks and feels like, as well as how big your motor and battery is. It all depends on how much you’re willing to invest in the kit and how much power you need.

BionX Formula s18The A2B Kuo doesn’t offer so many options, it’s a buy what you see type of situation, but what you see looks pretty good. For a great entry level price you get a 250 watt motor, powered by a smaller 24 Volt 9ah battery, which will have a 15 mph top speed, and a 25 mile range. It will get the job done fine and without breaking the bank.

A2B Kuo


BionX Motor

In general the BionX will be more powerful than the Kuo. Any of the kits with the 36 volt or 48 volt batteries will be faster, have better acceleration up hills, and more range.

The Kuo will best compare with the cheapest BionX kit, called the pl250. Like the Kuo, this kit is fit with a 250 watt motor, but it uses a slightly larger 26 volt battery. It will have about the same torque and hill climbing ability as the Kuo but the BionX will be quite a bit faster, capped at 20 mph instead of 15mph.

The BionX will also have a much better range, capable of up to 30 or 40 miles on a charge instead of 25.

Pedal assist or throttle?

With the BionX system, there are two ways to activate the motor. First, there is a red button located near your right thumb which acts as a throttle. Just push the button and you’ll rocket forward.

BionX Battery and Console

However, the BionX works best as a “pedal assist” e-bike.  With a pedal assist bike the motor is triggered by your pedaling. Each time you press the pedal, a signal is sent to the motor to give you a boost, creating a very smooth and intuitive ride. Using a console mounted to your bike’s handlebars you can select one of four different power modes which tells the motor how much you want it to help you out. This interactive system allows the BionX to have great range and great power.

Like the BionX, the Kuo also gives you the choice of throttle or pedal assist, but again it isn’t quite as thorough a system. Where the BionX has four different modes of power activated through an LED console, the Kuo has a switch located just below the black bell seen below.

A2b Kuo +

This switch has three settings: low, high, or off.  On low you get more range but less power, on high you get more power with less range, and on off you can just use the twist throttle and give pedaling a break. This is not quite in the same league as the BionX but also a lot cheaper so it could be a good option for someone looking for an entry level alternative.

BionX conversion kit

So there you have it! If you want to get a folding bike with a powerful motor,  top of the line lithium battery, and great range, the BionX Conversion kit is going to be your best option. But if you’re looking for something that isn’t going to break the band, the Ultra Motor A2B Kuo will be a great alternative, offering a nice package for the price!

Hope this was helpful!


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