The eFormula vs. eBrompton

by Jack R. on November 28, 2014

by: Mike from DIYBIKING.COM


If I were a sophisticated writer and marketer, I’d draw out this ‘eFormula vs. eBrompton’ thing for months. I’d have NYCeWheels sell two different kinds of T-shirts: “Team eFormula” and “Team eBrompton.” There’d be endless discussions on Twitter with the hashtags #teameformula and #teamebrompton dividing folding bike fans across the world – much like what Edward and Jacob did for Twilight fans.


eformula ebrompton electric folding bicycles

eformula ebrompton electric folding bicycles


Instead, I’ll explain which bike I like better and tell you why you may not agree with my choice.


I’ve ridden both bikes separately for a few weeks and I concluded that I like the Dahon eFormula better. My selection is more interesting than it sounds, because if I were choosing between the bikes without the electric assist systems, I’d go with the Brompton, hands down. Part of it is because I’ve toured their factory in London – and met some of the men and women that put these things together – but also it just folds easier, smaller and tidier than the Dahon Formula.


eformula ebrompton electric folding bicycles

I figured out for myself that the Dahon eFormula has more torque than the eBrompton. If you ride both bikes, you’ll figure that part out too. While there’s nothing wrong with the eBrompton’s system, I decided that I prefer the eFormula’s because the motor is built into the rear wheel instead of the front. That, along with some sophisticated controls, means that the power from your legs and the power from the motor really do work together.


Where I live and how I live also makes me chose the eFormula. If I were in a position where I’d have to fold the bike several times in the course of a day, I probably wouldn’t pick it. Also, if I had a very limited amount of space in my home or in my office, I’d pick the eBrompton since it folds smaller (remember: the Brompton has 16″ wheels  while the Formula has 20″).


eformula ebrompton electric folding bicycle

Finally: If I had to carry the bike over a long distance, I’d go with the eBrompton. Thanks to the battery in the front bag, unplugging one wire and pushing one button allows you to carry the bike in one hand and the battery in the other. You can remove the battery from the eFormula but it isn’t quite as simple.


So there you have it. Both of these bikes are great, and the one I decided is better has an asterisk next to it. I recommend you give both bikes a try and think about what your relationship with you electric assist folding bikewill be. You’ll pick the perfect bike each time.

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