Surly Krampus with BionX: The Electric Fatbike

by Jack R. on March 27, 2015

Traditionally, people have used BionX motors to ease their commutes. Here at NYCeWheels, we like to push the BionX system to its limit. For us, this means installing it on a fatbike and riding in a blizzard.


The Surly Krampus is a marvel in its own right. With the Surly Krampus/ECR motorized, we were able to tackle the most extreme hills and valleys.

Surly Krampus with BionX Electric Fatbike

The addition of a BionX to the Surly Krampus sends the package over the edge – from bicycle to all-terrain vehicle.


The Krampus with BionX braved an intense snow storm, aggressively climbing icy steps and soaring down snowy piers. On a personal note, I haven’t had this much fun on a bike in a very long time.







If you like what you see, find out more about the Krampus with BionX on our website

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