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Crash Course in BionX Conversion Kits

November 24, 2012

The BionX Motor is used in a variety of different ways.  I’ve seen it assist sailboats, charge cellphones, assist hybrid wind powered trikes— one of the great things about the BionX System is it’s versatility and the new possibilities it engenders.  Here at NYCeWheels we use the BionX to transform a regular bicycle or folding bicycle […]

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The Montague Crosstown with BionX

November 10, 2012

Because the BionX Bike Kit can be used to convert virtually any regular bike into an Electric Bike, it becomes possible to create highly unique Electric Hybrids that can be lighter, more efficient, and generally cheaper than most other E-bikes on the market. As an example, let’s take a look at the Montague Crosstown BionX […]

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Bringing out the best in your BionX

July 28, 2012

The BionX Conversion Kit is a powerful and very dynamic system.  The most advanced premium BionX kit uses a 350 watt motor, powered by a 48 Volt lithium ion battery, and offers fully automated pedal assistance as well as throttle triggered power on demand.  At its most efficient, it can go 45 miles on a […]

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Excellent support with the BionX Warranty

June 12, 2012

One of the most common things people want to know about e-bikes is how long they can be expected to last, and what to do if problems start to arise. For many people, an electric bike is a substitute for a car, it is their primary way of commuting to work or school, and they […]

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E-Brompton and BionX—Apples and Oranges

March 28, 2012

By Turbo Bob When the subject of this post came to light, the title came even quicker. Just like these two fruits are similar, they are so very different. And so it is with the E-Brompton and the BionX E-bike conversion kit. Both are good, good for you, and serve a very utilitarian purpose. Yet […]

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BionX, a Ground Based Flying Carpet

March 22, 2012

By Turbo Bob The closest thing you can get to flying on your bike is the addition of a BionX E-bike conversion kit. You’ll be gliding along effortlessly with the power and smoothness that normally only comes in a dream. I’ve lived this dream and you can too. NYCeWheels offers BionX kits in four different […]

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Riding a BionX E-bike

February 29, 2012

By Turbo Bob What’s it really like to ride a BionX equipped bike? Most every article and post I’ve read about a BionX conversion has to do with technical specs, installation, and hype. None of my own curiosities were satisfied until I got my own 48v BionX kit. Now I know and I will try […]

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Sharing the BionX Fun

July 9, 2011

A blog by Turbo Bob I hadn’t even had this BionX 48v Special Edition Kit a week and already many people have had a chance to see what it is all about. We went on a group ride with the San Diego County Bike Coalition last weekend and were able to bring it along. Unlike our […]

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BionX PL350 48 Volt Special Edition Kit–My Take.

July 6, 2011

A blog by Turbo Bob Being one of the lucky ones to receive this new special edition BionX kit, I thought some published impressions about it are in order. I understand many people have been waiting eagerly for this package to become available. I guess my timing was right because I had just heard about, […]

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48V BionX kit – Easy E-Bike

June 18, 2011

Easy E-bike? Yes, that’s what the BionX electric bike kit offers, and it’s exactly what it delivers. If you can change a rim and tire, and make simple adjustments, you can convert your bike to an electric-assist powerhouse. That’s what I just did, and I’m loving it. Within hours of the two boxes arriving, I […]

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