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The BionX Man

May 7, 2013

The BionX electric bike conversion kit is an aptly named product. By clipping a battery to the frame of almost any conventional bike and installing a special rear wheel that houses an electric motor, the BionX essentially transforms the rider into a bionic super-human, with an electric boost that adds power to every push of […]

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New Possibilities with Electric Conversion

February 12, 2013

An Electric Conversion Kit is not the most well known item in the general cycling community. I was an avid biker for years before I even started hearing about electric bikes, and it wasn’t until I learned about NYCeWheels bike shop that I realized it was possible to convert a regular bike into an e-bike. […]

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Bringing out the best in your BionX

July 28, 2012

The BionX Conversion Kit is a powerful and very dynamic system.  The most advanced premium BionX kit uses a 350 watt motor, powered by a 48 Volt lithium ion battery, and offers fully automated pedal assistance as well as throttle triggered power on demand.  At its most efficient, it can go 45 miles on a […]

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Gepida Reptila 1100 vs the BionX 48v Special Edition Kit–And the Winner is…

April 12, 2012

With the great opportunity to have both of these top-end E-bikes in my garage (thanks to NYCeWheels), I have had a chance to ride them both enough to get a feel for their good and bad qualities. To save you the trouble of scrolling to the bottom of the page to see which one I […]

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Riding a BionX E-bike

February 29, 2012

By Turbo Bob What’s it really like to ride a BionX equipped bike? Most every article and post I’ve read about a BionX conversion has to do with technical specs, installation, and hype. None of my own curiosities were satisfied until I got my own 48v BionX kit. Now I know and I will try […]

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BionX Installation Tips, By Turbo Bob.

September 2, 2011

The BionX kit comes with a handful of installation manuals and is backed with many videos online to guide you along.   As much as it is an very easy kit to install, I thought a few insights that I have found would be helpful.   Don’t take my word as gospel, but consider my input, question […]

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Electric Bikes make Cycling Accessible for (almost) Everyone!

November 5, 2010

The other day a cyclist I work with noticed the BionX PL-350 electric wheel on my bike, and told me I was “cheating.” That’s an unfortunate way to look at it – true, the BionX helps me a bit, but at least I’m riding a bike. In fact, it’s thanks to my BionX that I […]

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Five Reasons to Get a BionX Electric Bike Kit..

October 25, 2010

.. (rather than a Ready-Made Electric Bike) When my doctor looked me in the eyes and said “I don’t want you riding your bike anymore”, I immediately went through the first three of the five stages of grief: Denial – “No, you gotta be kidding me!” Anger – “Why is this happening to me; I […]

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A BionX Bike For David, Lucky!

July 30, 2010

How about that BionX bike motor? I don’t think I’ve seen a cooler BionX bike kit installation than the one we just did on this beautiful Bottecchia road bike. It was just before it got really hot out when David and his father John rolled their classic racer through our door. The bike itself actually […]

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Electric bikes are not for lazy people

July 21, 2010

Some people think that electric bikes are for lazy people. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. In my own case, I started riding an electric bike after a collision with a car while on my in-line skates shattered several bones and sidelined me from any athletic activity for over two years. Once I […]

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