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New Possibilities with Electric Conversion

February 12, 2013

An Electric Conversion Kit is not the most well known item in the general cycling community. I was an avid biker for years before I even started hearing about electric bikes, and it wasn’t until I learned about NYCeWheels bike shop that I realized it was possible to convert a regular bike into an e-bike. […]

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The Surly Moonlander Electric Bike

February 2, 2013

Last month, our sales-guy/mechanic extraordinaire decided to built up a fatty Surly Moonlander fit with our most powerful electric conversion kit.  How can I explain how cool this bike is?  Riding it, you feel like skiing over fresh powder, running with spring loaded shoes, sprinting for the finish line in a slow motion movie climax.  […]

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Bringing out the best in your BionX

July 28, 2012

The BionX Conversion Kit is a powerful and very dynamic system.  The most advanced premium BionX kit uses a 350 watt motor, powered by a 48 Volt lithium ion battery, and offers fully automated pedal assistance as well as throttle triggered power on demand.  At its most efficient, it can go 45 miles on a […]

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Excellent support with the BionX Warranty

June 12, 2012

One of the most common things people want to know about e-bikes is how long they can be expected to last, and what to do if problems start to arise. For many people, an electric bike is a substitute for a car, it is their primary way of commuting to work or school, and they […]

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