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Tern Link D8 with BionX Motor Kit: An Extra Boost When You Need It

January 11, 2014

I always look forward to going to NYCeWheels to try out and review their products. I was excited to try something a little bit new and different. Peter suggested I try one of the lighter electric bikes in the shop, the Tern Link D8 with the BionX Motor Kit. This particular bike is equipped with […]

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The BionX Man

May 7, 2013

The BionX electric bike conversion kit is an aptly named product. By clipping a battery to the frame of almost any conventional bike and installing a special rear wheel that houses an electric motor, the BionX essentially transforms the rider into a bionic super-human, with an electric boost that adds power to every push of […]

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Best of BionX 2012

January 12, 2013

Well, the 2012 year has come to an end, not without producing some pretty exciting new BionX bike conversions.  Here are a few of my favorites: 1)  The Tern Link D8 BionX Bike On its own, the Tern Link D8 is a very impressive folding bike.   8 gears, nice hinges, small folding size, and […]

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BionX Bike Share?

December 6, 2012

In November of 2010, BionX participated in a 4 week bike share trial in Sacramento California.  Partnering with Ecotron Systems, which was tasked with designing the e-bike docks, BionX donated a fleet of e-bikes to the Sacramento campus of the California Energy Environmental Protection Agency to test a new bike share model, designed to make […]

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Excellent support with the BionX Warranty

June 12, 2012

One of the most common things people want to know about e-bikes is how long they can be expected to last, and what to do if problems start to arise. For many people, an electric bike is a substitute for a car, it is their primary way of commuting to work or school, and they […]

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Let’s be honest, we all want the BionX

May 15, 2012

Last week, after having an amazing ride on the Stromer Electric Bike I vowed that I would return to my regular ole’ road-bike and abstain from the  electric bike craze that has taken a hold of the biking world. But then I saw the BionX Conversion Kit, and I thought, what the heck, that looks […]

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A BionX Conversion

May 3, 2012

Today I got the chance to ride a Cannondale Adventure that had been converted into an electric bike using a 350 watt BionX Motor. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would a bike converted by the BionX system perform as well as a regular electric bike? Could the BionX Conversion Kit compare to […]

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Lose Weight on your Electric Bike

January 26, 2011

Most people think the main reason I ride my electric bike is to avoid destroying the planet. It’s true that I want to save the planet for my kids and grand kids. However, I have another reason that I seldom share: my electric bike is the first weight loss aid I have ever found that […]

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Two MORE Reasons to Ride an Electric Bike: Save Money AND Save Oil!

January 11, 2011

A while ago, I wrote about my top five reasons for commuting by electric bike. Looking back on 2010, I discovered two more reasons. Time magazine identified the top news story of 2010 as the terrible oil spill that started at BP’s Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig on 20th April, and was not stopped until […]

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